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Utility functions for web application development.

This includes


  • Parsing utilities and constants for Kvarn extensions.
  • General parsing complying to the HTTP standards.
  • The prelude for common web application utilities.


  • Convenience macro to create a Bytes from multiple &[u8] sources.
  • Stringify $field on $self. This only returns the field name. This is constructed to make your IDE recognize the input as the actual field. This means renaming is applied to the string returned from this when you rename a field in your IDE.
  • Adds a $field to the std::fmt::DebugStruct, $f from $self.
  • fmt_field! but multiple.
  • Return stringified representation of $item. This uses similar techniques to ident_str!.
  • Tests if the first arguments starts with any of the following.



  • Bytes but potentially BytesMut, which enables e.g. changing the data without allocations when chaining Present extensions.