Trait kvarn::prelude::ToCompactString

pub trait ToCompactString {
    // Required method
    fn try_to_compact_string(
    ) -> Result<CompactString, ToCompactStringError>;

    // Provided method
    fn to_compact_string(&self) -> CompactString { ... }
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A trait for converting a value to a CompactString.

This trait is automatically implemented for any type which implements the fmt::Display trait. As such, ToCompactString shouldn’t be implemented directly: fmt::Display should be implemented instead, and you get the ToCompactString implementation for free.

Required Methods§

fn try_to_compact_string(&self) -> Result<CompactString, ToCompactStringError>

Fallible version of ToCompactString::to_compact_string()

This method won’t panic if the system is out-of-memory, but return a ReserveError. Otherwise it behaves the same as ToCompactString::to_compact_string().

Provided Methods§

fn to_compact_string(&self) -> CompactString

Converts the given value to a CompactString.


Panics if the system runs out of memory and it cannot hold the whole string, or if Display::fmt() returns an error.


Basic usage:

use compact_str::ToCompactString;

let i = 5;
let five = CompactString::new("5");

assert_eq!(i.to_compact_string(), five);



impl<T> ToCompactString for T
where T: Display,


In this implementation, the to_compact_string method panics if the Display implementation returns an error. This indicates an incorrect Display implementation since std::fmt::Write for CompactString never returns an error itself.


We use the [castaway] crate to provide zero-cost specialization for several types, those are:

  • u8, u16, u32, u64, u128, usize
  • i8, i16, i32, i64, i128, isize
  • NonZeroU*, NonZeroI*
  • bool
  • char
  • String, CompactString
  • f32, f64
    • For floats we use ryu crate which sometimes provides different formatting than std