Function kvarn_extensions::php::mount_php

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pub fn mount_php(
    extensions: &mut Extensions,
    connection: Connection,
    capture_fn: impl Fn(&FatRequest, &Host) -> bool + Send + Sync + 'static,
    path_rewrite: Option<impl Fn(&str, &FatRequest, &Host) -> CompactString + Send + Sync + 'static>
Available on crate feature php only.
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Redirects all requests where capture_fn returns true to connection.

Consider using mount_php_with_working_directory for a simpler install. It allows you to easily add PHP for a path on your server, pointing to an arbitrary working directory.

Priority is -8.

A good capture_fn is |req, _host| req.uri().path().ends_with(".php").

Setting capture_fn to |req, _host| req.uri().path() == "/sitemap.xml" || req.uri().path().ends_with(".php") can be useful if you’re running WordPress.

If you set path_rewrite, keep in mind that the path given to you is percent decoded (%20 -> ’ ’), so if you’re taking the path from the request URI, make sure to percent decode the path again.